Topics I speak about

Alolita speaks internationally on topics including:

  • Cloud-Native Technologies: Observability for Infrastructure, Containers and Applications, APM, Search, Analytics, Performance, Continuous Delivery
  • Observability: OpenTelemetry, Prometheus, Cortex, Grafana, Monitoring Services, Client Distributions
  • Language Computing: NLP, speech to text, text to speech, internationalization (i18n), localization tools, fonts, keymaps, character and emoji encoding, designing scalable language technology tools, Unicode, ICU, CLDR
  • Deep Learning: Machine learning applications for language computing, Conversational AI, OCR, Machine Translation
  • Computer Science: Web performance, building scalable APIs and reliable services, offline architectures, last mile access, app usability, accessibility
  • Open Standards: Unicode, Web technologies, Unix/Linux, Indic Language Script Standardization for digital layouts, fonts, input tools
  • Open Data: Wikidata, user-generated content (UGC), open language corpora
  • Open Source: Driving code contribution in open source projects, best practices, Innersource principles for large projects, success metrics, licensing and compliance, governance policies and best practices
  • Engineering Management: Building great teams, best practices, agile techniques, making scrum work for your team
  • Women in Technology: Practical tips on building an engineering career, Being an engineering leader, Mentorship
  • Women in Organizational Boards: Sharing experiences from serving on boards of non-profit, mission-driven organizations