The Internationalization Working Group at W3C and Indic Language Task Force IIP

Since 1994, the W3C has been defining open standards for the Web such as CSS, SVG, and XML. These, and many others, have driven interoperability across vendor platforms and led to the rapid evolution of the Web to become more interactive and globally accessible. Amazon joined the W3C in Fall 2018. I’m proud to have been one of the three initial contributors participating in the W3C standards working groups from Amazon.

Internationalization Working Group at W3C

The Internationalization (I18N) Working Group has a mission to enable the Web to support universal access by users across regions, languages, and cultures. The working group is chaired by Amazon’s Senior Principal Engineer and internationalization expert Addison Phillips. The Indic language task force within this group, is chaired by Alolita Sharma, a Principal Technologist and internationalization expert at Amazon. You can follow the activities of the internationalization working group online and on Twitter @webi18n.

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